Application Development

With 20 years of experience delivering applications to various platforms, we can build a solution that's right for you.

  • Applications built to today's standards.
  • Built with accessibility in mind.
  • Web, mobile, and software development.
  • Data architecture and development (SQL or NoSQL).
  • Data architecture and development (SQL or NoSQL).

Cloud Computing

10 years navigating cloud and virtual services to find the best in scalability and reliability.

  • Back-end infrastructure architecture.
  • AWS, Google Cloud, Azure. You choose or we can help you.
  • Containers, content distribution, on-demand or always available.
  • Cost analysis to find the lowest cost solution.

Technology Consulting

Need a technology-agnostic advisor to help you navigate the options for your product or project? We can help.

  • Analysis of your current processes.
  • Honest technology direction not driven by sales or kickbacks.
  • CTO-level, top-down approach with business in mind.
  • Product development advice and direction.

Past Project Highlights

Ed Tech


LAMP + AWS + NoSQL + Bootstrap

Architected and built a scalable, resilient content delivery platform with a multitude of customization features and a powerful course editor.

Game Development


Unity + AWS + NoSQL

Cloud-based leaderboards tied into Unity via the AWS SDK, with a low-cost HTML5-based administration site to manage multiple games.